11 Crazy Things People Actually Did So Pewdiepie Can Beat T-Series

PewDiePie vs T-Series, everyone knows about this war but you probably don't know about all the Crazy things people do help out Pewds. Including, ELON MUSK hosting "Meme review" for Pewdiepie! For nearly six years the Swedish meme review-er has had the most-subscribed channel on the platform. But there’s another channel coming for the throne...

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T-Series is an Indian company that produces music and movies and hosts much of the content on its YouTube channel. If this channel’s popularity surprises you, go watch some of its content and be surprised no longer. This channel has the whole entertainment thing figured out. This why it is nipping at Pewd’s heals. In the last year, T-Series’ subscriber count has made an unprecedented rise, and the channel is now only a few subscribers away for dethroning the king. But not if PewDiePie’s fans have anything to say about it. The Bro Army has pulled some pretty crazy stunts to keep Pewd on top, which this video describes in detail.

Want to know which fellow YouTuber bought PewDiePie a Times Square billboard to attract subscribers? How about a person who created a ring with a chip that can remotely unsubscribe a person’s phone from T-Series and subscribe it to PewDiePie? How about a man who flew from Hong Kong to India to perform Pewd’s diss track in front of the T-Series headquarters? All you have to do is click the play button. You’ll also learn about all the hackers that have joined PewDiePie in his war with T-Series, including one that hacked into people’s security cameras and would only leave if the people he was watching subscribed to PewDiePie. He even forced them to hold their phones up to the camera as proof.

PewDiePie has some of the craziest fans of all celebrities, and being technologically savvy makes them a double threat. Learn their tricks so you can join them, because there’s no way you can beat them. But T-Series is trying to prove us wrong.

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