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Spanked is a Frensh noise-rock band with flashes of uninhibited punk.
Founded in 2011 by Yann [guitar & vocal], and Fre [drum], this project gave birth the same year to a brutal EP : Cabalus Gazoline.
Two years later was born his brother, the gloomy eponymous album.
« Anyway, make no mistake about it, Spanked, it's closer to your suicide's original sound track than your new year party. »
After having spread their insidious anxiety-mood with bands like Jucifer,
Honey For Petzi or Electric Electric on many gigs,
they came back on studio, in 2015, for a second EP, and defend it during next years.
Now Anomaly, the second album, is available on Rockerill Records,
Urgence Disk Records, Impure Muzik et Anarchino Records.

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